Posted by: ourvoicestogether | September 27, 2007

What Is Counterterrorism? Every One Of Us Can Help

Safer, More Compassionate World Forum: Atlanta-Fulton, Georgia

What Is Counterterrorism?  Every One Of Us Can Help

The League of Women Voters Atlanta-Fulton County (LWV-AF) has done it again! Answering the challenge from the National League of Women Voters and sponsor Our Voices Together, the LWV-AF elected to graciously host a series of forums regarding counter-terrorism and people-to-people diplomacy.

These forums will explore comprehensive approaches to counterterrorism beyond governmental policies and actions, and highlight ways citizens can engage constructively in what the 9/11 Commission termed the “Agenda of Opportunity,” education, employment, and the possibility for a brighter tomorrow.

On September 12, 2007, the global pathway was opened with an admirable dialog on “Counter-terrorism”. Volunteering their time to participate in “A Safer, More Compassionate World” which is a national endorsement sponsored by Our Voices Together, and hosted by LWV-AF for the Metro Atlanta area were Joe Ferrero, General Counsel for Georgia’s Office of Homeland Security; Lt. Michael Wilson of the Atlanta Police Department; and Juanita Mention-Smith, Director of Crime Prevention and Neighborhood Watch for the Atlanta Police Department.

These wonderful state officials brilliantly defined terrorism, and educated the audience on ways citizens could become involved in building a better tomorrow, and on ways to get involved with counter-terrorism measures in order to build a friendlier environment globally for generations.

September 26, 2007, Lorelei Kelly, Director of the Real Security Initiative for the White House Project; and Kahlil Kuykendall, IDC – Deputy Director for International Affairs for the National Council of Negro Women traveled from Washington, DC in order to expound on this much anticipated people-to-people diplomacy subject matter which is the leading strategy for counter-terrorism. Kahlil Kuykendall delivered a presentation regarding citizens becoming involved in “One Shared World” which is a program that empowers women of the “market place” through utilizing mechanisms such as citizen sponsorship, donating monetary funding for building irrigation systems, and writing letters to federal and state officials to gain assistance for developing countries.

Lorelei Kelly focused on helping citizens and elected leaders “reframe” security for the challenges revealed by 9/11. She also spoke on the importance of getting women involved in the decision-making process of politics. Lorelei and Kahlil both have been traveling the global blazing trail for national security and international progression. LWV-AF will be continuing this global discussion, and Agnes Scott College has graciously opened their campus as a venue for LWV-AF to host these dynamic global events in order to educate students as well as citizens of Georgia on people-to-people diplomacy. The goal is to broaden citizen’s perspective on active measures they can get involved in to aid counter-terrorism, and engage citizens in initiatives such as sponsorship and exchange programs in order to decrease high level threat issues facing the world.



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