Posted by: ourvoicestogether | October 21, 2007

A Multicultural Panel Offers Diverse Views And Solutions

A Multicultural Panel Offers Diverse Views And Solutions

Safer, More Compassionate World Forum: Space Coast, Florida

The League of Women Voters of the Space Coast, in partnership with the Melbourne Branch AAUW and the Central Brevard Branch NAACP, hosted a forum on October 18, 2007 at Brevard Community College, Melbourne campus.There were approximately 140 – 150 in attendance. The audience was very diverse, including three classes of college students, and the evaluations were generally favorable, many reporting that they were inspired to “do something”.

Dr. Stephen and Mrs. Elizabeth Alderman were passionate and inspiring speakers, and the questions from the audience were mostly addressed to the them, but some came with their own agenda of 9/11 conspiracy.

The panel consisted of a college professor, who is a native of India, the Director of the Multicultural Center at BCC, the International Student’s Advisor at the college and a graduate student from Saudi Arabia, who is in this country on a full scholarship, working on her PhD in physics. She plans to return to teach at King Abdul Aziz University. She commented that anyone visiting her country would find the people very welcoming and friendly, and that they do not approve of radical activity. The professor from India, who has been in this country for some years, addressed the question of how Americans are viewed by the rest of the world, and in doing so reported on the low opinion others have of the current administration. Unfortunately, she was told after the forum, in a very disagreeable way, that she ahould “pack up and go back to India! Very sad!

–Doreen Archer



  1. I am sorry but I’ll have to absolutely disagree with the Saudi student that the people in her country are welcoming and friendly! All I know is that the Saudis are the worst human rights abusers on planet earth! They still chop off people’s hands and feet. Freedom of speech is an unknown commodity in the kingdom and they still have the harshest dictatorship one can imagine. They are Wahabis of extreme views and not the politest of folks. I am afraid if I ever go to that country, they’ll find me too liberal and outspoken and will make me ‘disappear’ in no time!

    As far as the Indian professor is concerned, I don’t blame those who told her to ‘pack up and go back to India’! Granted that the current administration is obnoxiously malfunctioned, yet it is NOT a reflection of what and who Americans are and stand for. US is the great country in the world, without any doubt, and we, the people deserve to be regarded as conscientious, vigilant and caring folks who have stood by those in crisis and have never let down nations which need help.

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