Posted by: ourvoicestogether | November 8, 2007

Winona Forum talks about Global Changes for Safer Communities

Winona Forum talks about Global Changes for Safer CommunitiesWe had good publicity and wonderful panel on October 30, 2007. The live audience including co-sponsors was about 30. It was a live broadcast on 2 cable channels and a local newspaper journalist was in attendance also!

Panel members participating were: Kevin Kearney, City of Winona Community Liaison Officer; Susan Brown, Winona County Emergency Preparedness Committee, City of Winona Human Rights Commission, and LWV Winona Unit, Vivian Jenkins Nelsen, Moderator, MN LWV co-president; Fatima Said, Project FINE and Dwayne Voegeli, Winona County Commissioner and Winona Area Public Schools High School teacher.

Ms. Vivian Jenkins Nelson added excellent researched information and knowledge to the forum.

Mr. Joseph Morse – Community leader with co-sponsoring rganization – “Beyond Tough Guise” asked the panel to address actions for the Winona Community that could lead to global changes for safer communities. This organization had several in attendance.

–Dave & Lynn Theurer



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